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Collision Analysis

Collision Analysis

The analysis and development of well-designed road safety and collision reduction schemes is of critical importance to achieving a positive first year economic rate of return (FYERR). This is a key objective particularly for local highway authorities managing limited local safety and local transport plan (LTP) budgets where the imperative to reduce injury collisions is matched by the need to demonstrate value for money.

At DAGA we can undertake Collision Reduction and Urban Safety Management studies including the identification of collision clusters, assessment of collision trends and the recommendation of suitable remedial solutions. In fact, DAGA has now provided this service to numerous local authority and private consultant clients particularly in support of Local Implementation Plans (LIP) and Local Transport Plans (LTP) where our detailed yet cost effective collision analysis and report service has helped to provide the necessary evidence to attract funding for remedial schemes. Furthermore, DAGA carry out collision analysis studies on a regular basis in all highway environments including motorways, trunk roads, classified roads and local distributor roads. With our technical conclusions and recommendations to hand our clients are fully informed of the type and distribution of collision factors discovered by the study and where appropriate, the remedial measures necessary to reduce the occurrence of Personal Injury Collisions (PICs).

Finally, our collision analysis services can free up valuable client resources enabling the implementation of appropriate and cost effective remedial schemes or indeed dispel incorrect assumptions about causation of PICs, allowing client resources to be diverted to more appropriate areas of concern.