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International Road Saftey

International Road Safety Engineering Consultancy Work

Are you concerned about road safety in your country, in your city or village on your route to work or your children's route to school?

Then help is at hand whether you are a Government Organisation, Charity or Private Consultancy or individual. At DAGA we can help where you require advice and assistance with Road Safety Engineering, Road Safety Audit or Road Safety Education Training and Publicity.

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International Road Safety

Road Safety Presentation, Bangkok 2017


Over the years since its incorporation in 2006 David A Graham Associates (DAGA) has established a reputation for significant expertise in the field of Road Safety Engineering delivered to its many clients within an affordable fee structure. This has led to Road Safety Engineering commissions for DAGA outside of the UK where DAGA has assisted Governments and Private Consultancies overseas to enhance local Road Safety, particularly in the SE Asia region. Typical of these commissions were -

The training of Thailand’s first 20 IHE Accredited Road Safety Auditors on our three-day Road Safety Audit Foundation Course in Bangkok during March 2017.

DAGA was invited by the Engineering Institute of Thailand (IHT) to train Thailand's first 20 accredited Road Safety Auditors. This was both an honour and quite a daunting task to perform. The three-day course DAGA devised covered all the aspects of Road Safety Auditing from how the UK system works through HD 19/15 (Now GG119 (DMRB) to the four stages of Audit, how to write an Audit problem and proportionate recommendation, how to conduct an Audit site visit, two hands on workshops and a site visit to a problematic 'U' turn junction in Ramkamhaeng Road, Bangkok.

Writing a Road Safety Plan Synopsis for Road Asset Management Limited and the Government of Mauritius

From September 2012 to April 2013 DAGA worked with a business consortium named Road Asset Management from the island of Mauritius to develop a Road Safety Plan Synopsis for the Mauritian Government. This report described an outline synopsis of Road Safety Engineering practices and how these could be utilized to help reduce road collisions on the island Republic of Mauritius. The report was in conjunction with the proposal of (Road Asset Management) to create an international racing circuit and an Institute for Safe Driving. The report by DAGA Limited was intended to support this proposal in terms of the promotion of Road Safety Education, Training, Publicity and Engineering across the island. In 2024, ten years later, DAGA has been invited by the Government of Mauritius to update and implement its Road Safety Plan.

Road Safety Plan and Demonstration Project Municipality of Kaunas, Lithuania

In February 2009 DAGA worked for the Municipality of Kaunas in Lithuania in an advisory role with respect to the development of a collision analysis model for the local Police, a Road Safety Plan and Road Safety Demonstration Project. This involved PowerPoint presentations to staff from the Municipality and a white lining demonstration project towards low-cost accident remedial action at a junction in Kaunas Old Town, Lithuania.