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Planning Services

Planning Services

At David A Graham Associates (DAGA) we understand that where a development requires access to the public highway this can be a frequent cause of planning problems. Whether you have created a new access that requires planning permission, failed to undertake the appropriate Road Safety Audit or a hedgerow has been damaged during construction leading to enforcement issues you will need prompt engineering and planning advice from the appropriate professionals with real expertise in this complex area to minimise the effects of disputes and save the increase in development costs.

DAGA can provide such a service where our dedicated engineering and planning services can assist you towards a swift resolution of your access or highway issues so that you can complete your development as soon as possible.

Some of the typical issues that we can assist you with include.

  • Sightlines / visibility splays for new development accesses
  • New accesses to a development requiring planning permission
  • Access issues only coming to light after your development is constructed
  • Environmental, water and drainage issues

Whatever the nature of your planning inquiry we will use our extensive expertise to provide you with practical advice and the assistance you require.

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