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Public Consultation

Public Consultation

Effective consultation is the first building block of many of the most successful Road Safety and Traffic Management Schemes. The days when a scheme could proceed to site with minimal output of information to the public at large are long gone. Try this today and it is likely to lead to public outcry, petitions to the Highway Authority and expensive reversal/alteration of Traffic Management and Road Safety Schemes already on site.

At DAGA we have many years of experience in the delivery of meaningful interactive public consultation and involvement. This ranges from the undertaking of a simple leaflet drop with a QR code to the scheme in question, to the setting up and facilitating of full-blown resident/project team steering groups. Whilst each individual steering group will always be different in its make-up and direction, we can draw on experience gained in numerous previous campaigns in order to work towards their positive interaction with local authorities and consultants, including the management of sustained “buy in” towards the completion of a project.

With a fully referenced and up to date technical library and software suite our areas of expertise include:-

  • Public consultation strategy and materials
  • Public consultation events
  • Facilitating and chairing public meetings
  • Doorstep surveys, collation of results and report drafting
  • Design and preparation of newsletters
  • PowerPoint Presentations