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Speed Management

Speed Management

At DAGA we believe that eliminating excessive speed will save lives. As such, the challenge is for driving at an inappropriate speed to be seen as anti-social behaviour.

The exact relationship between speed and Personal Injury Collisions (PICs) depends on many factors. The injury severity of the vehicle occupants in a collision, for example, is not only determined by the collision speed but also by the mass difference between the vehicles. Nonetheless, numerous studies have shown that the faster one drives, the greater the risk of a collision occurring. Added to this higher speed collisions often result in more severe injury.

With regard to recorded collision rates, speed has a more prominent role in more complex situations like on urban roads than on less complex roads like motorways. Whatever the case, the effect of speeding is determined by absolute driving speeds, road types and speed differences between vehicles.

With Safety Camera Partnerships disbanding in recent times along with significant reductions in funding we have found that our Local Authority clients in particular are looking for more cost effective and innovative ways of managing speed. Two such examples are -

  • SIDs – Speed Indicating Devices
  • VAS – Vehicle Activated Sign

At DAGA we want to promote increased driver awareness of their speed, and so, aim to reduce collisions, Speed Indicating Devices and Vehicle Activated Signs have proven to be a positive choice for our Local Authority clients and the results speak for themselves. To read an article in Surveyor Magazine about DAGA’s close involvement in the implementation of SID’s in Sheffield, please click here. (PDF)

SIDS have proved to be a useful passive tool in the drive to increase driver awareness of inappropriate speed. They work best when they are implemented as part of a rotation programme to cover ‘hotspot’ areas and have proven very effective when used in this manner. Compact and portable and with the ability to capture traffic volume and speed data, SID’s are now an innovative, cost effective and less divisive solution in the battle to reduce speed related collisions.

VAS work in a similar manner and are around 10 times more cost effective than safety cameras. They can operate as both a speed awareness and hazard warning device and are activated by approaching vehicles that trigger the sign to illuminate the prevailing speed limit in that area, they can also display a warning sign of a hazard ahead.

Would you like to tackle ‘Speed Management’ and ‘Awareness’ and implement a portable SID or VAS rotation campaign within your Local Authority?

For further information or any enquiries regarding the SID / VAS initiative please feel free to contact David A Graham Associates: Contact David Graham on 07833 645253 or by Email