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Technical Recruitment/Short Term Contract

Technical Recruitment/Short Term Contract

At DAGA we are well known throughout the Road Safety and Traffic Engineering Community for providing qualified engineers with the correct skills and the capacity to make a difference from day one of their employment. Whether this is on a long-term basis or just a short term contract, perhaps to cover long term leave you will find us to be extremely competitive compared to other providers in this area.

We routinely help clients from both the private sector and local authority sector to solve their long and short term staffing issues by providing the expertise that will enable them to achieve their goals and project deadlines. The engineers we provide will be known personally to DAGA so you can be assured that you will be hiring the right people for the right task. By hiring contract engineers from DAGA, your organisation will be empowered to select the most suitable person for the job, and this in turn makes the recruitment process more cost-effective and flexible. Furthermore, contract engineers working with DAGA are qualified experts in their chosen discipline and are equipped with experience and transferable skills gained in a variety of environments.

We have found from working with our clients that hiring a contract engineer(s) is a good way for most employers to supplement a permanent workforce as the demand from projects becomes greater. With a notice period for contract engineers typically being just one week, then this gives the employer the ability to downsize again as workload dictates. Such flexibility is critical in what has become a difficult market when you must be able to staff up at short notice to meet the demands of projects won.

All in all we aim to make your recruitment experience as straightforward as possible.

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